Friday 10 November 2017

Antlers and Flowers by Bec Yoxall

Happy Friday lovely people!
I'm sharing a project today to create an Antler artwork. I hope you like it :-)

Step 1.

Draw out the antlers with a permanent pen (or pencil)

Step 2.

Sprinkle Brusho (put a hole int the top of the lid with a skewer) onto dry paper and use a wet brush to dilute the colour crystals into flower/petal shapes. 

Brusho colours used to create the flowers are Rose, Cobolt, Grey, Yellow Ochre and Purple

 Sprinkle additional colours onto the damp washes to create different shades.

I painted in flowers of varying sizes and colours.

 Step 3.

Paint in the antlers using Grey Brusho and sprinkle with Yellow Ochre.

Step 4.

Paint trailing lines of twisting stems and leaves intertwined around the antlers and through the flower shapes.

Step 5. 

Build up the drawing with the permanent pen to deepen the lines and give an outline to the flowers to define their shape.

I added some decorative detail into the antlers. Lines and triangle shapes as well as detail for the centres of the flowers

Step 6.

Using metallic and lustre paints I enhanced certain areas of the design. These paints add such a wonderful shine and shimmer to any artwork and give a really wonderful special finish.

Step 7.

I sprayed the whole piece with silver Brusho shimmer acrylic spray. I held the spray about 20cm above the painting and gave it a light coverage to speckle the background and give an aged effect. 
Try changing the flowers to baubles or holly for a Christmas theme. Thanks for taking a look. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. Or if you have any suggestions for future posts.



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