Monday 4 December 2017

Handmade christmas cards by Kate


last time I made for you video tutorial with different backgrounds for your cards. I used many tools, stamps and not all of you do have those at home. So today I will show you how easily you can create original christmas cards just with Colourcraft paints. 

For these two cards I used Aztec Eco Mettalic Lustre Paints. They are so awesome for paper. I hand painted different christmas motives on black card stock. Nothing complicated, just easy brush strokes, I am not artist but I love painting with Aztec paints. My tip is to use always some dark background for Metallic paint, it is complicated for photo shooting but it looks so awesome in reality. You can use any of Mettalic paint even red and purple, I mixed more colours on my first card, second one is just gold in different tones. In reality are cards much nicer and interesting. 

For second design I took Brushos and I painted background in christmas colours green and red. I used my favourite Leaf green and Scarlet red and Moss green. I just added sticker with czech setntiment Merry christmas and happy new year. And because I am cardmaker and it is boring to make all the time just square or rectangle cards I decided to make shaped card, but this design looks awesome also on square cards so do not hesitate and try it too. It is so relaxing to paint your own cards and believe me that people will be so honoured to get such lovely card from you. Because they can buy everything but not your art, art is something more, something special and not everybody is gifted to do it but everybody can try it and because you are here at Colourcraft blog and you read my article you know how to make your card. 

Have a nice day
Kate Dachovska

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