Monday 3 December 2018

LOVE canvas cushion with Ewelina

Hey everyone!
So... usually there is some 'deeper' reason behind each project that I make but not this time. This time the reason was very basic - I received a box full of Opaque Fabric Paints and wanted to trial the new colours. And since I didn't want to just make random colour splodges on a piece of fabric, I grabbed one of the blank canvas pillow covers from Canvas Corp and sat down to make a pretty design on it.

With 'flowers + word' idea in mind, I sat down to work.
I started by finding a flowery stencil in my stash (this one is from ABstudio) and attached it in the cushion corner using paper clips to stop it from moving while the paint was being applied.

Now, using the colours chosen from the package, I stencilled on the flowers; I mixed and matched to make the design look interesting.

When the first stencil was done, I moved it and made sure that the flowers matched so that I could stencil it as one continuous design on the lower part of the cushion.

Once the flowers were completely dry (I used my heat gun because I'm not patient enough), it was time to start on the wording. First, I pencilled three lines on the cover to use as a guide for my lettering; I then wrote the word and, once I was happy with the shape of the letters, I outlined them using a very thin brush. Once the word was completely dry, I erased any of the pencil lines. 
Make sure the paint is dry before you do that as otherwise, you'll smudge your letters!!!

To finish, I emptied one of my old and sun-ridden cushions and stuffed my new fancy one :)

So here it is!
I am not a master of lettering but this one turned out pretty neat.
My mother in law stole it the moment I finished taking the below photo... to be fair it was taken on her sofa so I guess the cushion will look nice in there anyway!

See you next time!

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