Saturday 8 December 2018

3-D ornament with Brusho

December is upon us! In this weeks blog I'm going to show you how to make a really cool 3-D octahedron ornament decorated with Brushos. Mine have a snow falling in the night sky effect.
I started off with a sheet of watercolor paper- you can also use Bristol board. Basically you want something not TOO think that can handle water based medium. I sprinkled some different sequins and charms over the paper.
Then I covered my paper with Brushos in assorted shades of blue and purple- just sprinkling randomly over the paper. For a bit more sparkle and fun I also added SprinkleIT in Pearl and Flash!
Then I began to spritz the entire sheet with water.
Looking cool! Here is what the sheet looked like after I had spritzed the entire thing (I also sprinkled a little more SprinkleIT on top).
I left the sequins etc on while the paper dried. Here is what my paper looked like after I removed the sequins:
Unfortunately it's hard to see how SPARKLY it is! But trust me, it is.
Then I printed out my ornament template. If you save this photo to your drive and print it out full size, you can use my template too!

I roughly cut out my template, placed a few dots of glue stick on it and stuck it to the back of my paper.
I then cut this out on the outside lines, scored all the other lines with a bone folder, folded along the scored lines and glued a hanging loop where A meets a and a tassel where B meets b.

Glue flap A under a and flap B under b. Continue likewise with the rest of the flaps.
Tada! Your ornament is complete. You can also print out the template at different sizes and make different size ornaments! These would also be very cool to put on packages to give them a bit of extra oompfh!
I hope you enjoyed this week's blog post. See you soon! 

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  1. These are so cool and beautiful. Thanks for the diagram. Hugz


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