Monday 24 December 2018

Leaping Deer Canvas with Brushos

Hello.  Gail here today and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  In Scandinavia and much of Europe today is The Day!  I am going to be making dinner for the family and then we will be opening the presents!!  But first, the reason for my blue fingers!!  Nope, not the cold, although it is distinctly chilly here, but Brushos!!  I got quite 'hands on' whilst colouring and manipulating tissue paper and Brushos and I am wondering how long before the blue fades away.......  But I hope you will agree the final result is well worth a few days with blue fingers.

I've made a canvas using tissue paper for my texture and Prussian Blue, Ost Blue and Turquoise brushos for my colour.

I started with a 15 x 20cm canvas.  I coloured a piece of tissue paper with Prussian Blue brusho powder and plenty water, coated the canvas with wood glue and stuck on my coloured tissue paper, making sure there were lots of wrinkles.  

I coloured two more pieces or tissue paper with Ost Blue (top) and Turquoise brusho's and stuck them on the canvas, scrunching and shaping them to give maximum texture.  Then I added some Pearl Sprinkle IT.  It looks like white patches on the Turquoise and Ost. Blue, but is actually a lovely shimmery highlight.  

Then I decided it needed a deer and some snowflakes.  I was going to add lots of snowflakes in black, blue and white, but after adding the silhouette deer and the black flakes it suddenly felt finished.

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope Santa brings you lots of new crafty goodies to play with.  Have a lovely Christmas everyone and see you in the New Year.  Hugz

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