Saturday 22 December 2018

Fabric gift tags with Brusho and DesignIT

Hello and Happy Holidays everyone!
If you are like me and are always last minute with wrapping- but still want the look of your packages to make an impact, this is a fun way to make beautiful gift tags!

I started off with unbleached calico (muslin) fabric and several shades of red in Brusho as well as SprinkleIT in gold and iridescent gold and sprayed with water. 
I love love LOVE the effects I got! It's difficult to see how sparkly it is, trust me, it IS sparkly!
I let it dry and then took a stencil I found at a local discount shop with all sorts of holiday motifs and taped off all but the snowflakes.
I then took pearlescent DesignIT and scraped it through the snowflakes all over my cloth.

I waited for these to dry and then I layered it with a thin wadding and sewed randomly across the cloth with some different threads. 
I then cut this up into sizes that I sewed onto some store bought tags, and here they are!

I might add some charms, beads and/or sequins, time will tell!
I hope you enjoyed this project.
See you soon!

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