Monday 31 December 2018

'Art on the go' - canvas purse with Ewelina

Since I am such a creative person (yes, there is a hint of sarcasm in this sentence!), I decided that I cannot have my mini art journal and pens freely rolling around the bottom of my bag. Oh, no! So to make sure that, as usual, I take it to the next OTT level, I used a plain canvas cosmetic bag (Canvas Corp, of course!) and turned it into an artsy 'art on the go' holder.

Here's how it went...

My starting point was locating the cosmetic bag, deciding on a stencil and finding washi tape to keep the stencil in place (I have about 50 rolls so deciding on which can be so 'pointlessly wasted' was quite a task!).

Next, I attached the stencil and chose the colours to use on the front - shades of blue seemed like the right choice.

As the stencilling progressed, I made sure that I matched the design as I was moving along to make it all look neat and tidy... you know, professional!

Once the front was finished, I dried it using my heat gun before starting work on the back.

I chose another stencil for the back - a bunch of flowers - a stencilled the first layer using the same colours I used for the front. Let it dry.

I then chose 4 pinkish and 1 yellow paint and started layering the same stencil over and over adding more flowers and colours; you will see the progress if you follow the photo clockwise starting from the top right corner. 
I was drying the paint in between layers to avoid it smudging and mixing.
I really like that you can see the colour layers rather than having full coverage...

And... that's it! Done! Nice and easy!

I then stuffed my favourite mini Art Journal and some pens inside ready to go in my bag and on the road with me.

Knowing life, I will probably end up doodling around the flowers at the back which will make it even more artsy hahaha you never know, you might get an update when that happens.

Have a great New Year!!!


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