Monday 26 June 2017

4 Simple yet effective Brusho Backgrounds by Terri Koszler

Today I am sharing 4 simple Brusho Backgrounds that are quick and easy yet so effective.

  • For my first background I coated a piece of watercolour card with water and then sprinkled brusho on to the surface allowing it to bleed and travel on the surface.

I used Orange,Yellow and Vermilion Brusho.

  • For my second card I sprinkled brusho powders onto dry watercolour card and then spritzed with water, I like this using this method as I can direct the water spray to create movement with the colour.

I used Violet, Leaf Green and Ultra Marine Brusho

  • In the third card I diluted the brusho crystals with water and added colours drop by drop into a wet background, I always try to add colours in a triangle formation, each colour gets placed 3 times like the points on a triangle, I think this gives a balanced look.

I used six coulors in this background Yellow, Violet, Orange, Leaf Green, Ultra Marine and Vermilion.

  • This last technique is new to me and involved a food bag. I cut the handles off, one side seam and the base of the bag, this leaves me with a flat piece of polythene.

I lay the bag on my work surface and place drops of mixed brusho, I used 3 colours in this example.

I then lay my water colour card on top of the bag and turn the bag and card over. I now scrunch and move the bag around, this helps the colour to move on the surface of the card creating patterns

Here's a quick video showing the technique

All of the backgrounds were mounted onto black card and had a sentiment added to them using Altenew's Painted Inspiration stamp set which I heat embossed in black.

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