Wednesday 22 April 2020

Springtime mixed media canvas by Karen

The starting point for this project is a large A3 size art panel and an A4 printed tissue paper to which is added lots of ColourCraft goodness. I divided the tissue paper up by painting water lines where I wanted it to tear: This makes rough lines that disappear more easily in to the background. I used Collage Gel to adhere these pieces to the panel. When it was dry, I stenciled over this with White Relief paste.

I also added transparent Design-It Relief Paste over the bee wings and mixed in some Yellow Brusho Crystals to the paste to colour the lower body while giving it some gloss and 3D relief. I did the same on a stamped bee to add later.

Once the paste was dry, I sprayed the panel with Brusho Acrylic Mist Spray in Sea Green and Turquoise, plus Gold Acrylic Shimmer Spray over the stenciled flower heads.

A little close up of how the bee came out with the Relief Paste resisting the colour spray:

As the tissue paper soaked up more colour, I softened the difference between the paper and the canvas art panel by stamping some flowers and background stamps across these and filling in gaps. I stamped some text on to white paper and then sponged some Gold Brusho Shimmer Spray on to it so it wasn't quite so stark against the background and added these with 3D foam.

Finally I added my third bee on some more 3D foam:

The text encourages us to take time, time to laugh, to cry, to love, to dream and simply to live.

Thank you for spending time here today.

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