Saturday 11 April 2020

Fun Brusho Eggs

Hello Everyone!
It's Easter weekend and much of the world is at home with plenty of time for making crafty things.
I was doing a sketch for #100dayproject and made an egg and thought it might be fun to show you all how to make some yourself! Great for cards, sketchbook layouts and I am debating having a social media egg hunt!
I started by sketching out some egg shapes on a dictionary page (Swedish dictionary, the page with the word for bird on it).

I then did some light watercolor washes in each egg shape- eggs come in lots of different shades!
While the eggs were still damp, I sprinkled on different colors of Brusho and even SprinkleIt  on a couple of the eggs! The fun thing about the surface being damp is that the Brusho clumps in some places and spreads in others- giving a lovely speckled effect that is often seen in actual birds eggs.

I then drew around each egg with a black pen and cut outside the lines.
Then I glued them into a junk journal I have started - such fun!

I love how they turned out and hope you enjoy making some yourselves!
Remember- eggs aren't just for Easter! They are a great symbol for Spring, for new beginnings as well as just being a satisfying form to work with.

See you in  a couple of weeks!

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