Saturday 25 April 2020

Angelina Dragonflies - Garden Mandala part 2

Last time I talked about making the butterflies in my mandala quilt- this time I'm going to show you how I made the dragonflies!
I started with the wings.
First I chose some beautiful Angelina films and fibers- making sure to crinkle the film to get the best effect.
I added a very thin layer of the fibers between two layers of the crinkled film- ironed between parchment paper- a VERY QUICK pass with the iron gets these to fuse together. If you iron for too long of a time, the fibers can change color.  I made two different colors and then cut these into wings.
For the bodies I started by sprinkling some Brusho and SprinkleIT onto fusible web, adding water and letting it dry.

By the way, the paper backing makes a great piece for collage and/or art journals!

I then peeled off the fusible and made a layer of fabric, the painted fusible and a transfer foil in a shimmery and sheer rainbow color- ironed those together to make the base of my dragonfly bodies.

I backed this with more fusible web and then cut and applied my dragonfly bodies with a mini iron (being careful not to melt the wings!). Make sure to protect your iron from the front of your foil/fusible/fabric sandwch as well! 
I then added beads for eyes and voila! Bling bling dragonflies! 

I added some color to the leaves in the middle- now it's just to add ants, ladybugs and maybe some flowers in the corners.
See you next time! Stay healthy.

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