Friday 3 April 2020

Memory Quilts

In my last blog Using Photos for a Memory Quilt, I used the Colourcraft Image Transfer Medium. I thought I would share other ways of transferring images to fabric.

As I am unable to be with my family at the moment the memory quilt I made a few years ago that I have on my setee is especially treasured at the moment.
It is made from fabric which all hold memories, a piece of my wedding dress, the front to my Grandpa's shirt, the lace from my grandmother's nightdress, fabric from my daughter's prom dress, a piece from one of my son's waistcoats and fabric from my other son's boxers!
Can you find them on the quilt?

I am blowing bubbles as a child in one picture and holding my newborn daughter in another. 

Using photo fabric direct in the printer

Cotton twill fabric is soft to the touch and paper-backed for use with inkjet printers.
Product can be hand washed or dry cleaned.
There are silk and heavier cotton versions too.


Making your own photo fabric

Cut freezer paper into A4 size sheets.
Cut your fabric a little larger than the freezer paper.
Heat your iron to HIGH. Iron the fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper.
Trim the fabric to the A4 paper size. A rotary fabric cutter and a good metal ruler is recommended.
One sheet at a time, print your images on the fabric side. 
 You may have to coax it a little, stay with your printer to pull through if necessary.
 (Tip: if it is too flimsy, iron a second piece of freezer paper to the back of the first piece)
Let the ink dry for 30 minutes before handling.
Peel fabric away from the freezer paper backing.
If this fabric is for a craft and will never be washed, you can stop here. Otherwise, rinse the fabric for 30 seconds under running water, until the water runs clear.
Lay the fabric flat on a towel to dry. Iron with a warm iron.

Here are examples of students' images, from workshops I've led. One is a pocket, the other a glasses case.

Photos printed onto fabric can be turned into so many special gifts to cheer folk up.

What photos would you like to add to fabric?

Helen x

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