Saturday 20 July 2019

Cyanotypes with Brusho Embellishment

Summer means sun and gardens filled with flowers, plants and inspiration! What better time to do more exploration with sunprinting!
Now I love love love using these pre-prepared fabric and watercolor packs- as you can see in a couple of my other blog posts... here and here.
Cyanotypes are basically blue and white- beautiful but I wanted to add another dimension..This time I am adding another layer with Brusho watercolors!

Very cool effect! and incredibly simple to do.
I chose some plants, laid my paper on a sheet of glass and laid out my plants.

My in house inspector approved of my choices…

I spritzed the top sheet of glass with some plain water and put the whole shebang outside in the sun for a couple of hours. Basically doing an overexposed shot.
After I removed the glass, I rinsed the pieces in cold water.

After my pieces dried,I was happier with my leaves and my ferns, so decided to use those pieces for my Brusho experimentation.
I tested some different colors and just sprinkled them sparingly on my pieces.

 So then it's just spritz with water and let the magic happen!
Definitely something I will be doing again.

See you next time!

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