Monday 22 July 2019

Brusho's, Photo Paper and Foils

Hello Colourcraft friends.  Gail here today.  I have been playing with Brusho's on photo paper.  I noticed that when I spritzed the photo paper with water it got quite sticky and that got me wondering if it would be sticky enough to apply Colourcraft foils.  The answer is yes!!

I started by taking a 6 x 4 piece of photo paper.  These are some I bought that have 'post-it' sticky on the back.  This means I can stick them to my mat, which is great cos when you add water to photo paper it curls.  A bit of low tack tape on the corners or edges would be good if you are using plain photopaper.  I sprinkled Turquoise, Ost. Blue and Leaf Green Brusho powders and spritzed with water using the clear spray bottle.

Colourcraft have a range of Transfer Foils.   Today I am going to use the gold.

I let the water dry a bit on my Brushoed spritzed photo paper and then applied my gold foil, colour side up.  I pressed it down and peeled it off again.

Hmmmmmmm....  That's not too impressive is it??  But some did stick!  The panel was still quite damp and sticky so I put the foil back down, pressed it down in places and popped out and fed the rabbits.  10 minutes maybe......

Tah-Dah!!!!  Success.  Maybe a bit too much foil now??  But very cool.

Second attempt, using Ost Red, Crimson and Sandstone Brusho powders.  This time I used my heat gun to dry the photo paper until all the loose water was gone and some patches started to look dry.  Then I applied the foil sheet.  I just burnished it in a small area and then lifted it off again.  If your foil slips then the surface is still too wet.  I kept pressing the foil down and peeling it off until I was happy with the amount of foil on my paper.  Think leg waxing.  Foil on, foil off.....

Then I made another panel using Scarlet and Violet Brusho powders.  Love that one.  Reminds me of posh marble.

I hope you get time to get crafty today and maybe try this technique.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Impressed AND love this another little technique for me to try..fabulous.xx

  2. Gail.....Absolute genius!! These are some of the most beautiful backgrounds I have ever seen in my life!!!! I LOVE them so much. I have some foils that might work. I must try this!! Thank you for sharing your technique!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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