Wednesday 19 June 2019

Upcycled box by Karen

For today's project I'd like to show you this little box I've made to give a candle to my sister: Just a little thank you gift for someone who loves candles. The candle is also homemade from my own beeswax.

The box was packaging from some biscuits and the perfect size for the candle so that sparked the idea to use it and, as the top and bottom are plain, I only need to decorate the sides with something that would match the colour.

I set to work with a large 30 x 30 cm sheet of paper so that I could choose the part I wanted to use afterwards and sprayed it with Brusho Acrylic Mist sprays in Turquoise and Violet and Violet Shimmer.

Having then cut a band the same height as my box, I sponged a stencilled pattern and round the edges of the paper with Eco acrylic paint in Prussian Blue.

I used Aztec metallic paint in Antique silver to stencil over the pattern for a shimmery accent.

The band was finished with randomly stamping some crackle and text patterns over the paint. This was then stuck on to the box.

I sprayed some tissue paper with the Violet Shimmer spray to wrap the candle in.

The original sheet was used to diecut a tag on an area which was mostly blue, which I stamped with the text. Then, for contrast, I chose a violet area to stamp and cut a butterfly. I think these finish off the box nicely.

So, hoping my sister likes her gift, I'm off to buy more biscuits: I easily have enough paper left to decorate another box so it's the perfect excuse!
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