Saturday 8 June 2019

Pastepaper with Aztec Acrylics by Colourcraft

Today's tutorial is more about technique than a particular project.
Paste papper is a classic way to make designs on paper for bookbinding and what can be more fun than metallic colors on a black base?
For an overview of the process- check out the  Video here! 

Basically, I gathered together my materials- wallpaper paste (there are many different paste paper recipes online), Aztec Eco Metallic Paint , brushes, combs and other marking tools. Paper as well of course!
The process is simple- blend the paint with the paste, sponge down your paper with plain water to "relax" it, paint and then comb through or stamp to get different effects before the paint dries.

To get a different effect on my black paper- I sponged on some gesso in spots.
Let dry and then use your papers to bind books, as backgrounds- so many possibilities!
The above effect was made with an empty spool of thread.

The piece above had some gesso sponged onto it and was combed in different directions.

In this piece I tried to get a plaid effect.

This piece had gesso and was stamped with an Indian wooden stamp. After it was dry, I added some Brusho to get the funky color effect.

I hope you enjoyed this technique!

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