Monday 10 June 2019

Faux Stained Glass Wedding Card with Aztec Paints

Hello Colourcraft friends.  Gail here.  It's wedding season!  Lots of requests for wedding cards and I decided to make this one using card painted with Aztec paints.

There are lots of advantages to painting your own card.  Everything co-ordinates and you can re-purpose and recycle materials that may be on their way to the bin.  In this case I have used ex-cereal packaging.  Check out those cereal boxes ladies!  It's often good quality card.  Painting your own with Aztec paints gives a beautiful metallic finish without the hazards of mirror card, which is prone to easily being scratched and marked and may also be affected by certain glues.  

I started by painting my card, ex-weetabix box, with Aztec Metallic Gold paint.

I used three different dies to cut the shapes I wanted.  These are Marianne Design dies, many of which have an emboss design as well as a cut design.  The Aztec painted card is fabulous to pick up the embossed details.  I also painted a circle of card with Green Aztec paint.  I am going to use this to give a faux stained glass effect to my stacked dies.  The Aztec paints have such a lovely shimmer and gloss it looks like semi-opaque glass.

I found a metal charm from Korthobby that was a antique gold colour.  I painted it with the gold Aztec paint.  The center is the original colour of the charm.  I was going to paint it all but decided to leave it like this because I liked the contrast.  There's a bit of texture on this charm so the Aztec paint went on easily.  It your surface is flat or glossy it may be a bit more tricky.  I removed the hanger circle thingy with a pair of snips.

Here are all the layers put together.  I also painted the base card with the Aztec gold paint.  The green is gorgeous in the real and I love that it shows through the holes in the design.  

Thanks for visiting.  I hope I have given you a few ideas on how to use your Aztec paints.  Have fun.  Hugz

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