Monday 17 June 2019

Rusty vase with ExpandIIT and Brusho

Hello, my crafty friends!!! 
As promised, I am back with another project using the ExpandIT paste.

This time I have altered a plain and boring white vase to make it look rusty, grungy and cool.

As prep, I used a silicone lace form (usually used to make decoration for cakes) and black DesignIT paste (aka Soft Form relief Paste); I gave it approx. 24hrs to dry. 
When ready, I took the lace out of the form and glued onto the vase.

Because I wanted the ExpandIT bubbled to be as irregular as possible, I used my hand to spread the paste above the lace rather than a palette knife.

As you can see, where there was more paste, the bubbles are bigger.
ExpandIT is such a cool medium to work with!!!

Next step was adding colour with Brusho; I chose Gamboge, Sandstone, Burnt Sienna and Terracotta.
I sprinkled it in lines to let the colours blend when misted with water.

Here you can see how the colour flows creating new shades.
I did that on each of the sides of the vase.

The last step was to add some embellishments to the front; the choice was some florist moss (I coloured it with whatever paint was still on the table - you know, make the best of every drop!); I also added a chipboard and a Tim Holtz metal badge.

As you can see, the process is quite simple but the result is absolutely freaking amazing!!!

See you next time.

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