Wednesday 12 June 2019

Looking through the Round Window with Suzi

Good Day All, Today I'd like to share with you a new creation using Eco Acrylic Paints and Aztec Metallic and Lustre Paints on MDF.

As you can see we are looking through the Round Window today, to be precise a MDF Porthole.  Here's how I created my project;

I took the MDF Porthole background piece and painted on my background with a large round brush using Eco Acrylic Paints in Cerulean Blue and Prussian Blue.

My next step was to add some more pattern to the background, I used Gold Metallic Lustre Paint to paint a Net MDF piece and then used this to stamp onto my background.  Here's the painted net (with trident for a different project)

MDF shapes make great stamps, and you can then use the piece on a finished project.
I also added some stenciling through a scale stencil using Blue Lustre Paint.
Here's the finished background;

You may be able to see on my background the pencil outline of my focal image, an MDF Fish.  I drew around this in pencil, so that I could gesso out the fishes body.  I then gesso'd the Fish, and once dry added some Gold Metallic and Blue Lustre Paints.

I then added some Gold Metallic and Blue Lustre Paint to the Fish on my Background piece, before glueing on my Fish.

To Finish my project I added the faux rivets to the Porthole frame piece, then painted it with Gold Metallic Lustre Paint.  I added the frame to the background, along with a little MDF bubble cluster.

Here's a close up, I hope you can see some of the wonderful shimmer from the Lustre Paints, it's very sparkly so quite difficult to photograph. It looks wonderful in real life.

As always I had lots of fun creating this project, the Eco Acrylic Paints and Aztec Lustre Paints are lovely to work with, all highly pigmented, so give great coverage whatever material you paint onto.  The Aztec Metallic and Lustre Paints are a little addictive, once you get them you'll find it hard to resist using them on all your projects.  

If you are curious as to what I use the Trident for, keep your eyes peeled on Instagram, as I'll be sharing the finished project on there in the next few days, just search #colourcraftltd and it will appear along with lots of other wonderful creations.

That's all from me for Today, 
Bye for Now

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