Saturday 22 June 2019

3-D Card with Eco Acrylic Paste Papers

I recently got a box of super yummy Colourcraft Eco Acrylic Paints and got the urge to make more paste papers like I did with the Metallic colours a couple of weeks ago. Click Here to go to my blog entry with basic instructions about paste paper.
So I started with some of my favorite colors, as well as a 300g paper and brushes, comb and a couple of other tools.
It didn't take long to make a bunch of totally fab papers!
I let these dry overnight and then sponged some of the paints on the backs of my favorite papers. I also sponged a piece with metallic gold from the Aztec Range.
After these had dried, I chose one of my papers and folded it in half with the paste paper design on the inside.
I then marked two lines perpendicular to the folded edge, and scored a line parallell to the folded edge, between my marked lines.
I then cut on the marked lines, and folded on the scored line as well as on the original fold line so my card looked like the following picture.
In the meantime I had folded my gold sheet in half and glued those two halves together, stamped a 
dragonfly from Rubber Dance Stamps a few times onto the gold paper, and cut those out.
Then I just glued my dragonflies onto the cut out, inside of the card and VOILA!
Super fun and easy to do! 
I had a lot of fun doing these colored paste papers.
I also played around with making one layer:
Letting this dry. And then making a new layer on top!
It would be fun to see what you make with paste papers too!

Take care and see you in a couple of weeks!

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