Wednesday 5 September 2018

Imagine and Just Breath Art Journal Page with Suzi

Good Day All, Today I'd like to share with you a new page I've created in my 10 x 7 inch Art Journal.  I had lots of fun with this project using my large Gelli Plate and Eco Acrylic Paints, here's a look at how I created my page.

To start off with I took my 8 x 10 Gelli Plate and added some DryWall Tape to it.
I then chose my paint colours, I decided on Magenta and Viridian Eco Acrylic Paints.
I added the paint to the Gelli Plate with a brayer, here's the drywall tape which I removed and put on some deli paper, i'll use some of this later in this project.

Here's how the Gelli Plate looked once I'd removed the tape.
I then added more paint with a bottle top and my fingers, before leaving the paint to dry.
I then added a layer of Buff Titanium paint and pulled my print. I repeated this process a few time pulling a print each time.  Here's the print I decided to use on my project.
I also pulled some prints on deli paper, here is the print I used in this project.  I also used a pink print on deli paper.

I now had all the elements I needed to start creating my main image.  I took part of the Gelli print on paper and added some of the coloured drywall tape along with some of the printed deli paper.  I then sketched a face on the page with pencil.
The background of my journal page had Kitchen Towel collaged on it, painted with white Gesso.  I then added a couple of layers of the Buff Titanium paint.
The next step was to pour some Magenta and Viridian paint along the top of the page and let it run down creating drips, I sprayed on some water to get extra drips.
I then started to paint the face with Viridian paint.  At this point I decided to trim the paper down a bit, as I wanted to show more of the background and have more of a close up of the face.
I then added more detail to the face with Viridian paint and white Gesso, before adding details with ink and paint pens.  I also cut some circles from a pink Gelli print to add to the background behind the face.  To finish the page I added some black and white outlining around the circles, some of the dripped pattern and the face.  I also added a couple of Tiny Text Stickers.  Here's the finished page.
And a couple of close ups.

I love all the layers and texture I've managed to create in this page.  The Eco Acrylic Paints are lovely to work with and are currently on offer on the website, at amazing prices.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I created this page.
Thanks for visiting with us
Bye for now

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