Saturday 22 September 2018

Faux Skin Halloween Journal

Hi Everyone,

Sarah here with you on the blog today and I have a cool faux old skin Halloween journal to share with you.

The project uses matt board, tissue paper, cord and knitting fibre and a acrylic paint.

Step 1.
Take a piece of matt board and cover in a layer of matt medium and add scrunched up tissue paper to cover the while surface.. you can use any colour as we are going to paint over it

Step 2

Add twine, fibres and cord on top of the tissue paper and glue this down with matt medium, pva glue would also do the trick. allow to dry naturally

Step 3

Once glue is dry I cut out the journal cover using a journal die and applied a coat of black gesso over the entire journal cover

Step 4

I used brusho opaque fabric paint dabbed on the surface of my worktop and used my finger to swipe gently over the top of the journal cover so that the wrinkles and twine picked up the colour and gave it a highlight against the black base of the journal

The final steps were to assemble the signatures into the journal using shiny green cord.    I have left the journal with no embelishment to let you see the texture of the cover, but you can add bats, ghosts and all sorts of Halloween goodies to this and would make a great journal for kids.

Thank you for joining me here today on the blog and I look forward to returning next month with more fun projects for you

Have a great weekend

Sarah x

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