Saturday 12 October 2019

Stenciled and Stamped Envelopes

As October begins with it's rain and cold, I need to start thinking about my annual Advent Project!  More info on that can be found here.
Anyway, part of the fun of the project is the unwrapping the materials you need every week- these envelopes were made to be the packaging!
The first one I made was with ExpandIT. I had a "snowball" stencil in my collection- applied the medium through the stencil, and then heated it with a heat gun.
I love how much it look like snow!!
After that, I decided to tackle the smaller envelopes- I picked stencils and stamps which matched the themes of the different weeks of my project.
I used a foam brush and different paints for each stencil- Eco metallic and pearl paints.
After these dried, I played around with my stamps and am quite pleased with my results! 

Hope that you enjoyed this quick and easy idea!! 
Well, it wasn't super quick for me as I had to make 25 of each type! :D

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