Saturday 26 October 2019

Button Book with Brushos

 Recently I was poking around on Instagram and I found a very cool book artist (@daveykit) who was making some miniature books using buttons as covers! Very cute, I must try this!
Here is how I did it.
First I took a page and a half from an old dictionary and added some color/texture with Brushos in Gamboge and Olive Green.

I then glued on some red thread in a random pattern with a gel medium.

I then added some other patterns on top with thicker black and white threads.
One thing I had to bear in mind was that my buttons are 1" in diameter- so any patterns I made need to fit in that dimension.

Next I cut out my "pages" using a 1" punch. 

I then glued a 1/8" ribbon along the back sides of my front "pages". I made sure to leave enough ribbon between the pages so I could fold them together later.

Next I glued the backs on the pages and the buttons on the ends.

Here is how the book looks fully opened up on the "right" side. I love both sides though. 

The book looks like this completely closed.

It's so cute!

We'd love to see what you do with this project idea!

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