Monday 6 November 2017

Reverse painting on plexiglass with Ewelina

So here it is... Once again, I have done something  in crafting terms that I've never done before and, as imperfect as it is, I really quite like the outcome.

While trying to tidy up one of the many boxes full of crafty stash, I found an envelope full of A6 plexiglass sheets. No idea why I had them or where they came from... 

It would have been so much against any crafty rules not to use them... so I decided to try my luck at reverse painting/printing... 

I started by stamping out some designs that your be my main feature - I used black embossing powder to create outlines of the girl, frame and some shading.

Then using Opaque paints, I added colour to the girl and dried it using heat gun.

I painted over the girl image with a white paint - just in case, I guess. For some reason, I thought that I should do it. There really is no other reason... well, it will also stop all the other layers that will be added next from showing through.

Next, I used Andy Skinner's stencil and yellow and green Opaque paints to create sun burst design. All you need to do is simply use your sponge roller to spread the paint through the stencil. 
By the way, remember to let each of the layers dry thoroughly before applying the next one - otherwise your colours will start blending and doing all sorts of other things that you don't want them to do!

As my final layer, I used white and grey Opaque paint and rolled it covering the whole sheet - I didn't really pay too much attention to making sure that the coverage is even... you'll soon know why...

Now it was time to ensue that the paints and layers won't get scratched off - I used spray glue to attach an old book page on top of all the paint. Cut off the excess on sides using craft knife.

Now all that was left to do was to remove the protective film from the front and see if the reverse painting actually worked...

Yay! It did! And the irregular final layer of grey allowed some of the book print to see through the paint and add to the whole design!!! (I marked it with pink arrows in the photo ^^^) Double win here!

So... what do you think?

See you soon!

- Ewelina -

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