Wednesday 24 May 2017

Vintage look on wood with Aztek Metallics craft paint by Kate


I don't have a paper project for you today; today, we will be painting a wooden box. 

I received this wodden box from a friend but never had any use for it so I decided to paint it with the Metallic Aztec Paints. Originally, the Aztec paints are not designed to be used on wood but I found out that they do work and give it an awesome vintage look!

Here is my step-by-step:

1. I painted the box with white acrylic paint. I used the heat tool for drying the paint - it really saves time.

2. Next, I took painter's tape and I made strips with it so I had guidelines where to paint (I wanted to have stripes on my box and that was the easiest way to make it).
To have a more vintage look, paint a maximum of 3 layers (with more you will loose that vintage look). Since Aztec Metallic paint is not for wood, one layer is not enough. Believe me.

3. After drying, remove the painter's tape (you can use washi as well) and here it is... a completely new box.

And here you can see, I am using my stripy box for organising dies.

Have a nice day
Kate Dachovska

1 comment:

  1. Lovely project, I am in need of more storage in my craft space.


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