Monday 29 May 2017

Box frame Butterflies by Terri Koszler

Hello Terri here today to share a project I've made using the Aztec Metallic and Metallic Lustre paints.

I love a home decor project and wanted to create something a little bit different. I've always been a fan of those box frames with butterflies in, but they are normally a vintage style.

I wanted something with a little more of a mixed media style.

I started out by colouring some thin card with metallic paint using a spouncer, as well as this copper colour I also coloured another piece of card with the metallic blue (but forgot to take a photo)

I used a mini spouncer to stipple through a stencil to add some interest to the the copper background, I didn't want a solid pattern that would distract from the butterflies so I lightly stipples in random areas.

Next I used my Gelli Plate to create an interesting piece card to cut butterflies from.  

Normally I use the Gelli Plate with Acrylic paint as it is thicker and sticks to the surface but what I have discovered it that because the ECO Atztec paints are water based when they are applied to the surface using a brayer they start to bead making little beads of metallic gorgeousness (my daughter is mesmerised by this effect and says that they look like blobs of solder)

To create my effect I applied the copper and lifted a print, then applied the blue and took a print on the same piece of card layering one colour on top of the other.

I had a piece of copper card that I had coloured with a few coats of the copper, I punched butterflies from it.

I did the same in Blue and the Gelli printed card

I then layered these up, I used a solid colour on the bottom and a patterned on top. I used a minimal amount of glue as I wanted to lift the wings.

I then added some of the papers I created into a box frame

and then added the butterflies in a 3x3 formation.

I love the vibrancy of the paints and how easy they are to work with.

I hope you've enjoyed today's post, please pop back on Wednesday for more inspiration from one of the Colourcraft DT.

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