Friday 26 May 2017

Blue Anemones in Brusho with bleach by Rebecca Yoxall

Hi everyone,

I would like to share a flower painting in Brusho today. I chose the beautiful Anemones and found that the Cobolt and Purple Brusho mixed together provided me with a perfect shade. Adding flourishes with Black, Moss green and Turquiose in later stages and of course bleach!

Firstly I used an HB pencil to draw an outline of the flowers.

I then sprinkled some Cobolt and Purple onto a palette and mixed them together with a brush to produce my desired shade of blue. Painting a petal at a time I added water to dampen each petal then dropped in the colour with the brush allowing it to flow within the petal shape but leaving some areas of paper to show through. Perhaps work on alternate petals so that they don't run into each other.

Once the flowers were painted and dried I re-wet the centres only and sprinkled the Black Brusho directly onto that area. Black is a wonderful colour as it is made up of lots of different pigments and these show up when sprinkled in this way.

The next stage would be optional (as not everyone would like to use bleach) I grabbed my lovely bamboo pen and dipped it into a small amount of bleach in order to lift out some lines on the petals. I use normal household bleach but obviously take great care when using it. 

Each flower is created with varying degrees of lifting and sprinkling with the black making each one unique. 

For the background I decided to mix a very diluted purple on my palette so that it flowed very softly in suggestive leaf and foliage shapes around the flowers. Whilst that wash was still wet I sparingly sprinkled Moss green and Turquoise. I worked slowly and gradually building so that the colours remain fresh.

Finish with a flick and splatter, the odd little leaf in the moss green and maybe a bit more bleach to unify the background.

Wishing you a great day. Do leave a comment and if you have a go let us know how you got on :-)


  1. Lovely project Bec and in some of my favourite colours.

  2. Fabulous techique! Thanks for the instructions and inspiration!

  3. This is absolutely stunning x


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