Monday 22 October 2018

Quick Halloween Pumpkins with Ewelina

Hey everyone!
Are you Halloween ready?
I certainly am not and last weekend was for catching up on some holiday decor.
I went to a local Pick Your Own Farm and gathered some small-ish pumpkins.
And, since I no longer had an excuse, it was time to do some crafty decorating...

I started by painting all my pumpkins with white gesso and letting it completely dry.
This was the base for my Brusho fun.

First pumpkin was sprinkled with Copper SprinkleIt and Burnt Sienna Brusho. 
I was misting the top with water and adding the pigments as I went until I achieved the look I wanted.

The next one was Crimson and Brilliant Red plus Pearl SprinkleIt.

Here you can see Leaf Green and Sandstone plus Iridescent Goes SprinkleIt.

And finally Terracotta and Yellow Ochre plus Iridescent Flash SprinkleIt.

That's it! The pumpkins are ready - make sure you let the paint dry thoroughly before handling them otherwise you'll end up smudging the drips as well as dyeing your hands.

After admiring the finished pumpkins for a moment, I decided to add some flowers and chipboard spiders to one of them and give it to a friend of mine to put on her doorstep - she loved it!

Happy Halloween!!!

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