Saturday 20 October 2018

Rock Pool Art Plaque with Katie Lamb

Hi all

I am guest designer for ColourCraft this week and I have a mixed media plaque to share. I wanted to go with a rock pool look so i kept the focus around the edges of the project so it looked like it was clinging to a rock.

I used 

Art Balls
Resin shapes
Crackle Paste
Silicone Moulds
MDF Plaque 
Seed Beads

Start off by covering the plaque with crackle paste and leaving it to set.
Then paint over with blue paint and let that dry before adding a light layer of  Metallic Luster.

Glue net to the base, i used fruit packaging as it happened to be the right colour!!.
I used paper clay with a mould to create the sea urchin and shells, which i then painted with Eco paint and then dry brushed on a layer of the metallic paint. I placed everything into position first before gluing it down so once i was happy with it i added the moss and then glued down the chunky bits.

I then added the smaller bits like beads and art balls around the focal points. The last layer is a sprinkle of micro beads and art sand. 

Thank you for visiting

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