Saturday 27 October 2018

Improvisational Screen Printing with Colourcraft Fabric Paint

The chill of Autumn is definitely in the air, which means I'm cooking more soups, stews etc. I thought I would warm up a bit by decorating some fabric to use for a soup bowl cozy. There are a ton of different patterns and ideas out there- the link here shows a super easy cozy- you put your bowl of whatever in it when you heat it in the microwave. Bowl and food get warm, the cozy does not!
Just make sure if this what you are going to make out of your fabric to use 100% cotton thread, fabric and batting. Polyester content can melt, wool can smell a bit off when warm.

I started off by covering my work surface with an old towel and an old sheet. I grabbed a blank silk screen, some snow flake charms, old lace and Colourcraft Opaque Fabric Paints in Turquoise, White and Navy.
I laid out the snowflakes and lace on my surface, which this time was cotton muslin.
Laid my blank screen on top and applied my colors randomly over the screen.
I then scraped the colors through the screen with an old credit card- letting them blend as I went along!
It turned out the snowflake charms were really too thick to give a good print so I flipped them over and screened extra color where I felt it needed it. In the image below you can see an initial print where I had covered the whole fabric with lace and some charms that still had color on them.

Really, it's all about just having fun, flipping things over that have paint on them to get a secondary print, until you get a print that you're happy with.
Then it's just to let it dry, iron it according to the directions to make it permanent, and you have an unique fabric to make your cozy or whatever else you feel for!

I hope you enjoyed this technique! See you soon!

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