Saturday 13 April 2019

Printing on Velvet med Colourcraft Pastel Pearl Fabric Paints

Hello everyone!
I had some bits of velvet sitting around from making Crazy Quilt kits and thought "ooooh" Colourcraft's Pearl paints would look luscious on these!" Guess what… they do!
I started off with a couple of colors of Pastel Pearls, and some screens from Thermofax Screens. The one in this picture is one of their beautiful stock images, the rest are ones I drew myself and they made into custom screens!!
First I squeezed out some paint at the top of my image, and then I drew the paint through using an old credit card, making sure that the entire image got paint.
I carefully took of the screen and VOILA! I just want to say wow! This really looks fabulous.
The paint has a lovely shimmer that suits the dark velvet, and the way it sits on the velvet gives a lovely dimension.
I had to try some of my custom designs as well. 

I was so pleased with the results, that I decided to try a linoleum block as well.

I think these worked great as well!
I think that the combination of the Pearl Paints on velvet really is a match made in heaven and something I will be exploring further.

See you next time!

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