Monday 8 April 2019

Beach inspired mini bag with Ewelina

What do you get your seaside obsessed mate who has everything already?
The answer is pretty simple - something handmade to make sure she doesn't have it yet! hahaha
Not to spoil the ending but... the idea was a winner! Yay!

I decided to stick to the seaside theme and make a small canvas bag in which she could safely store her beloved planner (obviously it's one with an anchor design on it!).

I dug out one of my mini canvas bags from my stash and a set of Fabric Paints (both Metallic and Opaque).
My stencil of choice was one from FabScraps collection C93 - it has a starfish design on it.

To make sure the stencil stays in place, I used bulldog clips in all four corners (you can never be over-prepared, you know!)

After choosing my colours, I kept dabbing through the stencil until the whole bag was covered in the design.

Once my starfish were dry, I added canvas embellishments (ribbon and flower) as well as some metal studs. Quick, easy and most of all, cute!

Rock on, beach lovers!

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