Monday 22 April 2019

Grungy Gift Bags with Ewelina

For me, May is a month full of birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations which require me to share at least small gift with the jubilant.

Rather than spending a small fortune on tens of gift bags, I went for the crafter's option: 
make your own - it won't be cheaper but it will be a one-off no-one else will have.

The base for my gift bags are plain craft paper ones + Brusho powders and... off I went on a crafty adventure!

I sprinkled a little bit of Leaf Green Brusho on my table and sprayed it with a very small amount of water - just to get the pigment to work. 
I then dabbed the bags straight into the colourful puddle one by one.
I made sure that the paint was completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Then the same with Azarin Crimson, Gamboge and Burnt Sienna - drying with a heathen in between the colours.

Here's what the bags look like with all the colours layered over one another,

Next step was to add random stamping - majority of them are Aall and Create.

I also had some very grungy-looking washi tape which was perfect for this project (and the colours work so well!)

With a variety of ephemera, I built paper clusters.
To make them look more 'used', I distressed edges of some of them.

Once everything was ready, the clusters were glued onto the bags.

To add finishing touches, I sprinkled some crimson and Green Brusho over the bags and added metal rivets here and there.

So here they are - my grungy gift bags to make my May-born friends feel super-special.

See you next time!

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