Monday 23 October 2017

Easy upcycling project with a surprise ingredient - Ewelina

You've probably read my title and thought... What the heck is her surprise ingredient?! What is she talking about?!
Hold your horses and let me start from the beginning! hahaha

I had those IKEA plain hanging cups for a while now - they mainly serve me as paint brushes/palette knifes/paper straws/lace pieces holders. Basically, they are my go to storage for stuff that I need close to me when crafting; I attach them to the top basket of my trolley and wheel them somewhere with easy access from where I sit.

After having them white and plain for quite some time, I decided that it was time to put some life in them and make them more 'environmentally appropriate' - meaning covered in paint! hahaha

So I dug out a roll of masking tape to create an even border for the paint not to spill out and create irregular lines - I have to admit that straight lines are not my forte!

Now it was time to figure out which paint to use and to be perfectly honest with you I wasn't sure which of my hundreds of jars, tubes and bottles contained something that would stick and look good on plastic... I decided to be adventurous and go for the (probably) least obvious choice - fabric paint! Yes, this is the surprise ingredient I mentioned in the title! I used 3 of the Metallics - Gold, Copper and Bronze. 

Three layers gave the effect I was looking for - good coverage and lovely, warm shimmer.
By the way, make sure you thoroughly dry each of the layers before adding the next one. You can let it air dry or (if you're impatient like me) use your heat gun - just dot get too close to avoid bubbling up the paint.

Once the las layer was dry, all that needed doing was to carefully remove the masking tape.

That's it! Quick and easy!

The cups look like new!

Hope you like the idea and maybe you'll also be tempted to give it a go yourself.
It surely is worth trying it out because... I just love how they look on my teal trolley!!!

See you soon!

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