Wednesday 4 October 2017

Colourcraft Making Christmas Tree Decorations With Lutradur

Hello Crafty  friends

I have discovered a new material to play with called Lutradur. You can cut it, ink it, paint it and melt it.

I used nesting dies to cut out the basic shapes and I cut one from Lutradur. I then glued ribbon on the back of the felt shape. I then painted the Lutradur with the Aztec Metallic Lustre paints and once dry I stitched the two parts together. Leave a gap for the stuffing. 

The heart I painted in gold and I stitched it onto brown felt. I melted the edges a bit to give it a worn look. I cut out two smaller hearts and painted one with white pearl and one with copper Aztec Eco 
Metallic Lustre. I then added lace trim across the centre of the pearl white heart and used a strong glue to hold the layers together. I finished it off by adding a small heart and a cabochon to the centre.

The star was painted in blue and once dry i glued lace acrosd it. I then cut a strip of Lutradur,painted it and then melted it with a heat gun. I finished off the decoration with a cabachon and frosted berries.

The baulble was painted with copper
Aztec Eco Metalic Lustre and then i cut out a smaller circle from burlap and glued this to the centre and added a ribbon bow. I finished off with a large button and a large flat back gem in the centre.

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