Monday 24 February 2020

Printing on cushion covers

The orange cushion is no more!!!
Do you remember last time I did some printing on a cushion cover? 

This was the outcome - a gorgeous black and white canvas cushion right next to a fluffy orange disaster... ugh! I disliked the orange monster from the moment it landed on my sofa (yes, the buyer is aware) and it gave me great pleasure replacing it with my new black and white one.

This looks so much better!

The process is extremely simple as all you need is a canvas cushion cover, a stamp of your choice (I love ArtFoamies for this type of printing) and Opaque Fabric paint.

I started from the centre and worked my way out - the middle is double stamped.

Then I followed the pattern by stamping the squares outwards.

And then finished the whole area stamping out the edges.

As you can see the process is extremely simple and easy but the outcome is awesome.
You can use different colours to create a more rainbow-y effect but my home is predominantly grey so black and white is what my decor is.

See you next time!

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