Wednesday 6 December 2017

Wood Slice Christmas home decor with Ewelina


It's 6th December today and in Poland, where I come from, we celebrate St Nicholas day. As random as it might sound, every child in Poland loves St Nick as he brings presents to all the good kids on the 6th. I am sure that some of you are thinking...'What??? Even more presents??? That's just crazy!!!' Well... I kind of agree but at the same time... kind of miss waking up in the morning and checking what little goodies were waiting for me at the bottom of my bed. 

With this nostalgic mood in my head, I started playing with a slice of wood that I have bought a while ago - I have only two left out of the 8 I bought so decided it was time to put one of them good use. 

This is how my Christmassy piece of home decor was created!

All I used was Brusho powders and ExpandIT medium. It was fun and quick (the most time-consuming was the drying of all the surfaces).

The colourful wood slice is now proudly living one a sideboard in my living room reminding my whole family that it's time to take the Christmas tree out and decorate it...

Here's the whole process video for you:

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment.

See you soon!

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