Monday 3 July 2017

Super-easy greeting cards with Brusho by Ewelina Gryglak

'Wonders of nature' is this month's topic and to be completely honest with you I had no idea where to start... I can't paint to save my life so I decided to go for my usual life-saver... 
'When in doubt, do flowers.'

The idea was to make 4 different cards using one stencil, a set of Brusho powders and a black pen.

I started by cutting watercolour paper into postcard size rectangles. 

I put two of the cards together, layered stencil over them and sprinkled Brusho powders - I used 3 different shades of red and Lime Green.

Sprinkled the stencil with water - to achieve different effect, I used more water on the top part while only a little bit on the bottom part.

After removing the cards from under the stencil, I placed the other two cards on top of it - one on the drier half and one on the wetter half of the stencil.

As you can see, the effects are different depending on how much water you used - the bottom cards have more intensive colouring as I didn't use as much water as I did for the top cards. The pigments didn't get a chance to completely dissolve and blend so you can still see little specks of individual crystals on the bottom designs.

Now onto the personalising part... Using black gel pen I outlined the flower designs ... 

.... outlined the negative spaces and filled some of them with tangles ...

... drew a frame ...

To finish, I added a sentiment to each of the cards.

TahDah!!! They're ready!

I hope you will have a go at making your own the-same-but-very-different cards too!

Take care!



  1. I love these cards, you've inspired me to get my stencils out.

  2. Lovely - I didn't realise you got such a clear image through a stencil - I'll have to try this!

  3. great technique and lovely cards :)


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