Friday 21 July 2017

Fantasy Brusho flowers by Rebecca Yoxall

Hi All,

You may remember in my last post I gave you a couple of simple techniques for creating basic flower shapes and stems with Brusho. Sprinkling the crystal colours onto dry watercolour paper and using a wet brush to paint petals. Also painting shapes with water onto your paper then shaking the colour into the water.

Today I want to show you some of  the fantasy flowers that have come out of my imagination whilst playing with these techniques. I have also used a water spray to push the colour around, I have applied wax to act as a resist. I have dragged and moved the Brusho whilst wet with a bamboo pen to achieve very fine lines. It is great to use a pipette for applying water to the paper in which to sprinkle the brusho powder too. And if that wasn't enough sometimes I like a bit of extra sparkle so I paint with the lustre and metallic paints to create a shimmer when the painting catches the light.

I enjoy the colours the shapes the textures of flowers and have spent lots of time over the years drawing them from life, but I also love the fact that I can totally play around and create any magical new varieties that I wish. 
Anything goes :-)

We can't compete with the beauty of nature so why not just make up your own completely new fantasy and imaginary flower shapes. Absolutely anyone can paint with Brusho in this way and it's a great little project for kids too :-)


  1. wow - these are beautiful.

  2. Amazing - they look like apertures into another world! Stunningly beautiful


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