Monday 17 July 2017

Wild Garden by Ewelina Gryglak

Hello! Ewelina here again.

Today, I have for you a mini canvas which I called 'Wild Garden'.

For this project I did two things I haven't tried before:

1. After creating the first layer of colour, I rubbed the Brusho Wax Sticks all over the canvas, sprinkled some Brusho and sprayed with water. Instead of blending together and soaking into the canvas, the pigments mixed with water creating little colour droplets - you can see the effect in the photo below.


2. I mixed my Brusho with water until I achieved the desired colour. I then added a small amount of the Brusho Thickener and mixed it in until it set into a gel-like consistence. I then run it through a stencil to create an additional layer of colour and texture. You can see the darker green swirls in the photo below.

To finish the design, I layered various floral die-cuts I made using 7gypsies Architextures papers - their earthy shades contrast pretty nicely with the bright greens of the background.

I only attached them at the very bottom of their stems so that they create movement and additional dimension.

You can see the process here... well, most of it as my batteries died while filming and, being totally engrossed in the play, I didn't notice :)

I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Thank you for stopping by again. See you in two weeks!



  1. wow so much texture, depth and dimension....amazing

  2. Really lovely piece, and thanks for sharing this way of using the wax sticks, the effect looks great, especially on the canvas texture.


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