Monday 4 November 2019

Manicure with Transfer Foils

I have been trolling Instagram for some distressed nail designs that I could try doing myself. What caught my eye was a variety of transfer foils applied to nails using a special glue (you know, everything for nails is special and expensive). Some of the foils were marbles, some floral, and some looked like distressed gold - it's the latter that made me think... can I pull the look off using Bronze Transfoil and Flexi Glue?

I started by brushing on a thin coat of the Flexi Glue onto my chosen nails (I didn't want to cover them all).

I cut a small rectangle out of the Tranquil sheet while waiting for the glue to become tacky.

Put the foil over the one nail at a time and firmly press to make sure the foil adheres to it.

It worked!!!

3 out of 5 nails are now covered in a layer of distressed brassy coat!

The last step is to use a topcoat to make sure the design lasts - it doesn't matter what type you use as long as it's see-through.

I absolutely love how they turned out!!!

Till next time!


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