Monday 21 May 2018

Simple square vase with Ewelina

You know when you decorate a room and the colours you've chosen make it almost impossible to find decor that will match? Well... that's exactly what I've done to my kitchen... 
With Prussian Blue accent walls and magenta splashbacks... the struggle is real!!!

There was no other option but to put my arty skills into action and make things happen!
You might remember the abstract canvas I made some time ago - they match the kitchen's colour scheme perfectly. 
Now, it was time to use a White Square Vase I got from Country Baskets - I need something to put flowers in!!!

I started by using stencils (my own design) and Archival Inks to create background for the colour.
I overlaid two stencils making sure that the patterns flows around the vase.

The second step was adding the watercolour effect - I did that one side at a time.
Randomly, sprinkle just a little bit of Brusho in Alizarin Crimson and SprinkleIT Iridescent Flash on the side; from far, mist the side with water allowing for the pigment to create watercolour effect but not flow all over the vase. Make sure you dry each side thoroughly before moving to the next one - otherwise, you'll end up with unexpected blotches of colour.

That's it! Quick and easy and... pretty!!! But most of all, it actually matches my kitchen!!! Yay!

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