Saturday 12 May 2018

Spacey Embroidered Flower with DesignIT Frame by Tamara

Hello everyone! For this project I wanted to try out DesignIT directly on fabric and also talk about using transfer foils on fabric.
I started with a piece of dark purple batik fabric(ca 20 cm x 20 cm/ 8" x 8") and ironed a square of freezer paper in the middle(ca 6½ cm x 6½ cm/ 2½" x 2½").
Next I applied a layer of DesignIT. I blended together Pearl and Transparent and applied a layer that was thick enough to not see through, but not super thick. In Swedish we would call this “lagom” that is- just right.
I then placed a piece of lace over my still wet DesignIT, place a piece of paper on top of the lace and pushed the lace into the DesignIT.
I carefully pulled off the lace and voila! You can see the texture of the lace in the DesignIT
I then carefully removed the square of freezer paper and let my DesignIT dry overnight. The thicker the layer, the longer you need to let it dry.
The next day I cut a small circle out of a fusible web and fused it in the middle of my empty square. I placed parchment paper over the DesignIT frame and used the tip of the iron to apply the fusible. I removed the paper from the fusible and  placed a piece of transfer foil on top of my fusible and used the tip of the iron to reheat my fusible- causing the transfer foil to adhere to my triangle shape. Couple of tips- remember to iron the transfer foil with the design/color face up! The foil should not adhere to your iron. I did use parchment paper though- but that was more to protect the DesignIT.
I drew a circle around this foil circle as a guide for my stitching.
I then stitched around my foil circle using a spider web stitch with an open center. I took some lines out a bit longer and added beads.

I continued my stitching and added some extra beads into my DesignIT frame.
I love the effect and texture of the DesignIT, it was really easy to stitch through as well. 
Hope you enjoyed this project! See you soon with more ideas to use with textiles.

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