Monday 15 January 2018

Arty-Farty (and easy!) Valentine's with Ewelina


You probably know that since Christmas is done and gone it's time to start prep for Valentine's Day. Some of you might not celebrate it (really?!?); some of you might think it's waaaay too early (it's ONLY 30 days away!!!); some of you are already half-ready (good job!).

Without disclosing which group I belong to (remember... don't judge a book...), I have made 3 very easy but quite arty looking Valentine's cards.

All you need is a couple of Brusho powders in red/pink colour - I used Vermilion, Ost. Red and Alizarin Crimson, Brusho wax sticks and some stamps + embossing powders.

Let me talk you through it... card by card...

Here, I used transparent embossing powder for stamping on a blank card base. Once embossed, I sprinkled some Brusho and sprayed with water (not too much!). Brusho doesn't cover the embossed elements and the result is quite cool. To finish, I drew a frame with a black gel pen. 

For this card, I used Brusho wax stick to write LOVE and draw some hearts and... yes, I am aware that my calligraphy is now awesome hahaha it's the thought that counts, right?!? Once my was happy with the 'waxed on' elements, I sprinkled Brusho powder all over and sprayed with water. Brusho wax prevents the colour to be soaked in by the paper so the design is still visible though covered in speckles of colour. To finish, I added a frame and some mini hand-drawn hearts. 

My last card is kind of reverse of the first one. I used Brusho powder first, then stamped out the designs and embossed in white.

So here you are - three easy but cute takes on a V'day card.

See you next time!

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