Tuesday 28 May 2019

2019 to 2020 Design Team Reveal Day 1

Today is a sad day and a happy day all rolled into one, sad because we are loosing some of our long standing members, which shall be covered more later, but happy because we get to invite new talented ladies into our family!

Today we are focusing on the happy and I am privileged to reveal the first 4 members of this years team. In no particular order, drum rollllllllllll.......

We have:

Returning member Karen James (top left)

Karen is based in France and has some stunning projects with us, and did you know she is also a bee keeper! I was very lucky to get a pot of her amazing home cultivated hones earlier this year! You can find Karen in several places including her BLOG, YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK page.

New member to the team Teresa Morgan (top right)

Teresa is the first of our new members to the team and we are super excited to have her joining the family. Teresa's style is cool and fun and quirky, we just know she will fit right in with us! You can find Teresa in several places including her YOUTUBE, BLOG and INSTAGRAM pages.

Returning member Tamara Schultz (bottom left)

Tamara is an amazing fabric artist who brings us all things fabric and fun, based in Sweden she is a wonderful part of the team, we cant wait to catch up on person at Birmingham later this year when she will be teaching a class at the Festival of Quilts. You can find her in several places including her FACEBOOK page and INSTAGRAM page.

Returning member Ewelina Gryglak (bottom right)

What can we say about Ewelina? apart from she is totally amazing and has been with us from the start, a die hard Brusho fan and a fabulous friend, we love Ewelina and her dedication to her craft, such a talent we are honoured she wanted to stay on with us. You can find her in several places including her INSTAGRAM, BLOG.

Tune back in on Thursday to find out who the final 4 team members will be. We are excited!

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  1. Fabulously talented ladies. Can't wait to be inspired. Welcome and congrats. Hugz


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