Friday 16 February 2018

Beautifully Simple Brusho Hearts by Rebecca Yoxall

Love is in the air this week so I've gone a bit soppy and decided to create a very simple but effective painting that could be great framed up in a small box frame or for use as a delicate card design. I turn to Brusho every time for a project like this because of the wonderful way the colours blend on the paper surface and the intricate patterns and swirls that can be achieved almost effortlessly. 

Chose a good quality watercolour paper that will allow the Brusho to glide and swirl without sinking into the surface too quickly. This is how you get the best patterns and softness of colour.

I began by spraying the paper with Brusho Turquoise Shimmer spray.

If you shake the bottle as you spray you should be able to attain some larger splodges of shimmer spray too for a nice variation. This became my base on which to paint the heart.

I chose 5 colours
Ost Blue

I sprinkled each colour in turn onto the middle of my dry paper. Then using a brush dipped in water I gently began to drag the Brusho crystals around to form the v shape for the bottom of the heart and the curves at the top. It may be easier to paint a whole outline first and then fill in. Or build gradually over the whole paper.

Gradually blending more and more of the Brusho with water and sprinkling more of the colours onto the paper as I went along.
I really took my time with this process and I enjoyed watching the Brusho crystals dissolving and emerging. The magic of Brusho!!!

Be patient and move slowly as then the colours stay separate and don't turn to mud. Using a brush that holds plenty of water often makes this process easier as you can really flow the colours and allow them to glide around rather than heavily brushing them which can disturb them too much and cause them not to settle on the paper as nicely.

I found that some of the colours dissolved quicker and became more diluted and others remained very strong which creates a really nice contrast. I also sprinkled a little more Brusho into some wet areas and watched it travel around without too much help from me.

Beautifully simple Brusho Hearts!

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